Beach NotesReal EstateWestportMike February 2, 2012

Live @ the Beach

I ventured into the “big city” last week to meet with Windermere colleagues to review the real estate markets both national and regional as well as take advantage of the excellent educational offerings available during the Symposium.  I chose to focus on “technology”… how to understand it, use it and make the most of it in the presentation and communication of real estae related information.  After all, our small beach market is only 2 hours away from over 4 million people and few have direct knowledge of what our area offers.  (few people will recall that I spent 17 days living in a car in the Alderwood Mall as part of Star 101.5’s “Live in it to Win it” contest with the motive of using all that free air time to get the word out about our beach in Westport. The Internet may be the key to finally succeeding!


The education was top notch. I learned so much about various aspects of the Internet it will probably take me the better part of this year to fully comprehend and implement what I learned (and by then the game will have changed again). As I spent more time with my Windermere brethren there in the heart of the Emerald City I gained an additional insight. I got to hear from people who spend their days and nights in King and Pierce Counties. People who experience the daily commute, the lines and the typical day to day pressures and pleasures of city life. As I was leaving Seattle headed toward the beach I realized that life at the beach is wonderful. Driving to work is a pleasure (all 8 minutes of it unless I stop to photograph some scenery or wildlife) and not having to “anticipate” the timing of leaving work for home so that I miss traffic  or catch a ferry (I often time it to catch the sunset) is a wonderful thing.


With that in mind my application of what I learned will be to bring my daily routine at the beach into your day… share a picture or a video that will remind you that 2 hours from you is a place where you can truly find rest and relaxation. A place you can recharge your batteries.  It’s easy to get to, easy to enjoy and a lot closer than you think. Thank you for letting me share my beach view with you. I look forward to sharing the beach itself with you soon when you find your way west… to Westport.


For a small sample of what it is like to “Live @ the Beach”   CLICK HERE


Mike Coverdale