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Beach Notes Down Payment Info… less than 20% more common!!! Check out this interesting article on mortgage lending. CLICK HERE
Beach Notes Pent-up demand triggering record pace of home sales around Western Washington Hot off the presses… this months report for the Northwest MLS points to a strong market getting stronger! KIRKLAND, Washington (May 5, 2015) – Northwest Multiple Listing Service members notched a record high level of pending sales during April, surpassing the year-ago volume by nearly 1,800 transactions. Both closed sales and prices also surged last […]
Beach Notes Relocation… changing states? Food for thought! Here is an interesting note from the KCM Crew about rate of market change across the country. CLICK HERE
Beach Notes Great advice for 2015 and home buying Check out this short post on the real estate market and you!  CLICK HERE
Beach Notes Happy New Year with a 2015 Snapshot Looking back, the market here on the beach for 2014 was a marked improvement over the previous years in most ways. Prices either inched up or stabilized in each segment of our market with decent availability for buyers and stable sales for sellers. Lending practices at least didn't get worse and in many cases became […]
Beach Notes Inspiring Spring Forecast Check out the most current report on market trends… and then consider that the beach is typically a year or two slower to respond. Now is the time to take advantage of that simple fact! CLICK HERE for Full Story
Beach Notes CNN Money report on national vacation home trends. Around the country values rose sharply in 2nd home market however here on the South Beach most categories of property remained stable and low due to the small market and relatively undiscovered beach. Take advantage of the future rising trend by purchasing beforehand…   To read the report CLICK HERE
Beach Notes National Inventory Growth Suggests Strong Spring Market This recent report from Inmon News indicates many markets are growing in both volume and price. California leads the way in this recovery with values up considerably as compared to this time last year. On the coast of Washington the market lags behind the national trend typically by 12-18 months meaning values are still low […]
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Beach Notes Rent Versus Buy – Trulia Report vie Forbes Magazine Each six month Trulia breaks down the cost of housing across the US to estimate the value in owning as opposed to renting in various markets. This short article is very interesting.  CLICK HERE
Beach Notes January Real Estate Stats as reported by New York Times Washington is one of the states where home prices have returned to within 10% of peak 2006 pricing. That is largely driven by the metropolitan areas of the state. On the coast values have lagged which is typical of the pattern between urban and recreational areas. Look for the coastal market to respond later this […]
Beach Notes 2014 CBS Money Watch Interview on the Market Trend Locally our market continues to strengthen from the improved 2013 cycle. Supply is still fair although getting more difficult to find specific types of property. This short interview covers market trends in the national real estate scene. Take a moment to check it out.  CLICK HERE
Beach Notes Excellent Article on Home Selling Advice This post on Active Rain hits the nail on the head when it comes to selling a home. Great advice presented well. Take a moment to read by clicking HERE.  preparing to put the best foot forward for your home makes a world of difference in the result!
Beach Notes 2012 to 2014 – Turning the corner! Real estate values around the Pacific Northwest have turned the corner and in 2013 our little corner of the market began recovering as well. Average residential sales prices rose 5% from 2012 values and there was a 20% increase in number of properties sold! The local condominium market posted a 10% increase in number of […]
Real Estate The 3 Top Reasons for Buying Real Estate Now A recent article from Bill Ryan and RISMedia sums up what I feel are the key points in this market cycle. CLICK HERE
Beach Notes More encouraging news from the national real estate front…. Steven Perlberg from "Business Insider" reports that inventory is down and markets continue to rise. Check out the full story  CLICK HERE
Beach Notes 4 Ways to Take Advantage of Today’s Mortgage Rates Before They’re Gone The information in this blog from Amber Nelson is worth considering. To read CLICK HERE
Beach Notes Update from Inman News – Bubble or Not? Here at the coast we are less susceptible to national trends but the market in King & Pierce County impacts how folks feel about a second home purchase. Many factors come into play when you look at current value and attempt to anticipate future value but this review rings true. CHECK IT OUT
Real Estate A great article on the logic of having real estate in your portfolio.   As an investment strategy, borrowing money at extremely low interest rates to acquire solid real estate holdings is something everyone should consider. This article by Leon Yang summarizes the benefits of taking advantage of the ideal market conditions we have before us today (artificially depressed values and extremely low interest rates) to position ourselves […]
Beach Notes Important news if you are considering refinancing your home! This report from Rueters gives great information for home owners hoping to take advantage of low interest rates. The challenge we face in the real estate market is finding comparable sales that will hold up to the extreme underwriting scrutiny and that challenge is even moreso with a refi. At least in the appraisal related […]
Real Estate 2013 looks like the year things get back on track! Here at the beach we are part of such a small market it is easy to get focused on our own stats and lose track of what is going on in the "bigger picture". This article is very informative and somewhat mirrors what we are seeing locally. CLICK HERE