Western Washington Real Estate Forecast

Check out this quarterly report from Matthew Gardner.  https://www.windermere.com/blogs/windermere/categories/western-washington-real-estate-market-update/posts/western-washington-real-estate-market-update–17

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Inventory is low but 2nd home pricing at the beach is attractive!

Maybe those priced out of the primary home market in King County should consider buying a second home first! At the beach prices are very affordable and the home can be income producing as a vacation rental while owners are not there. Don’t miss out on interest rates and property values!




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Mortgage Alert – New Guidelines may make getting a loan more difficult!

This recent article from Realty Times brings up some interesting points.  CLICK HERE

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Seattle trends eventually land on the beach….

This recent report from Puget Sound Business Journal's Jeanne Lang Jones speaks to the whiplash effect that rising residential prices has on lot demand. In King & Pierce County national developers have entered the scene in the past 3 years and purchased many of the "developed" lots but few new lot developments are underway and the the supply is a ticking clock. Prices for bare land have ratcheted up accordingly.

At the beach there is a strong supply of attractive lots and the prices make them even more so. Following the I-5 trend… now would be a great time to invest in a piece of property on the coast.  Review the story here CLICK


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More favorable news on the real estate market…

This report from DSNEWS is another positive sign…



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Giving Back makes the difference!

Through the Windermere Foundation each Broker shares a portion of every commission earned and the benefits are far reaching. Please take a moment to view this brief video to fully understand the commitment our company makes in the communities in which we serve!

Windermere Foundation

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Optimistic Real Estate Forecast

For years now it has been little more than gloom and doom in the papers about the economy and real estate markets around the country.

Matthew Gardner has developed his 2012 outlook, which he’s made available for us.   Here is a link to An Optimistic Outlook – 2012 Market Insights.

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at the beach soon.


Mike Coverdale – Designated Broker  Windermere Westport


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Test of the system

This is what it looks like when I add stuff here.

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