Beach Notes Update from Inman News – Bubble or Not? Here at the coast we are less susceptible to national trends but the market in King & Pierce County impacts how folks feel about a second home purchase. Many factors come into play when you look at current value and attempt to anticipate future value but this review rings true. CHECK IT OUT
Real Estate More positive real estate news from around the country! Carrie Bay of DS News reports solid appreciation across the country has many homeonwers surfacing from being underwater in their home values. California has made huge strides in recovering value and is leading the country in appreciation in it's major market sectors.  Seattle has exceeded most areas around the country due to economic diversity and […]
Beach Notes Real Estate Market Update This enlightening article in the New York Times by Robert Shiller (Yale economist) is a broad review of the market response to "bubbles". To take a look at it CLICK HERE. At the South Beach our market is so small that the influences of "supply and demand" can have an immediate impact.
Uncategorized Seattle trends eventually land on the beach…. This recent report from Puget Sound Business Journal's Jeanne Lang Jones speaks to the whiplash effect that rising residential prices has on lot demand. In King & Pierce County national developers have entered the scene in the past 3 years and purchased many of the "developed" lots but few new lot developments are underway and […]
Real Estate A great article on the logic of having real estate in your portfolio.   As an investment strategy, borrowing money at extremely low interest rates to acquire solid real estate holdings is something everyone should consider. This article by Leon Yang summarizes the benefits of taking advantage of the ideal market conditions we have before us today (artificially depressed values and extremely low interest rates) to position ourselves […]
Beach Notes Important news if you are considering refinancing your home! This report from Rueters gives great information for home owners hoping to take advantage of low interest rates. The challenge we face in the real estate market is finding comparable sales that will hold up to the extreme underwriting scrutiny and that challenge is even moreso with a refi. At least in the appraisal related […]
Real Estate 2013 looks like the year things get back on track! Here at the beach we are part of such a small market it is easy to get focused on our own stats and lose track of what is going on in the "bigger picture". This article is very informative and somewhat mirrors what we are seeing locally. CLICK HERE
Beach Notes Another Milestone at Seabrook The beach community of Seabrook continues to grow and thrive thanks to the thoughtful design and positive energy that the founders and home owners generate every week end. Owning at Seabrook is a "lifestyle choice" made as much on the idea of new beach urbanism as it is owning coastal real estate. To read more […]
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Real Estate Trends still favorable This national report points out many things we have been seeing here in Western Washington this year.  Stability is the first step for recovery and most markets are seeing a more stable real estate market on their horizons.  To read the full report CLICK HERE.
Real Estate Home Sales Up – Bloomberg More encouraging news on the recovery of our real estate markets around the country. CLICK HERE  
Real Estate National Market Update Bloomberg report looks favorable for continued improvement around the country for real estate values. Here on the South Beach activity in the mid-range properties ($150k to $250k) has increased noticeably. Lot pricing remains artificially depressed and represents the best investment opportunity. BLOOMBERG LINK
Real Estate March Statistics (National) Another report of improving real  estate markets around the country. Great information going into what looks to be an excellent Spring & Summer at the beach! To read the article published from RIS Media  CLICK HERE
Beach Notes South Beach Real Estate Update 2012 looks like the year things in the world of real estate start turning around. Here on the South Beach our limited supply puts us in a market that responds very quickly and dramatically to national trends. To review the freshest information on market trends around the country CLICK HERE On the South Beach, comparing […]
Uncategorized More favorable news on the real estate market… This report from DSNEWS is another positive sign…   CLICK HERE
Real Estate Great News in getting the market back on track! This report from DSNEWS is encouraging as it creates structure and a timeline in the short sale market that has prevented inventory from moving. This is a very positive sign for continuing improvement of market trends.   CLICK HERE
Real Estate News on the Real Estate Front More encouraging news from National Analysts. This is the year to go forward with buying plans. Why wait? CLICK HERE
Uncategorized Giving Back makes the difference! Through the Windermere Foundation each Broker shares a portion of every commission earned and the benefits are far reaching. Please take a moment to view this brief video to fully understand the commitment our company makes in the communities in which we serve! Windermere Foundation
Real Estate Encouraging News on the Real Estate Front Todays article from DSNews spells out the turnaround in national real estate markets. We have already seen improvement in our miniscule beach market but nationally this is very good news.  CLICK HERE    
Real Estate February MLS Stats paint favorable picture! This new report statistically verifies what we have been seeing in our beach market… where most of our buyers are from Western Washington and so are heavily influenced by the “market perceptions” in those metropolitan areas. Washington homebuyers realizing “market may have reached bottom of cycle” (NWMLS news release: February activity) March 5, 2012 Asking […]
Uncategorized Optimistic Real Estate Forecast For years now it has been little more than gloom and doom in the papers about the economy and real estate markets around the country. Matthew Gardner has developed his 2012 outlook, which he’s made available for us.   Here is a link to An Optimistic Outlook – 2012 Market Insights. I look forward to hearing from […]